Caine’s Arcade

Literary Citizenship isn’t just about books. It’s the creative community at large around you and learning how to use that community effectively.

Caine’s Arcade is a short film about a boy who spent his summer making an arcade in his father’s used auto parts store. You can view it here on Vimeo: Caine’s Arcade.


We’ve all seen kids do amazing things. I grew up in the age of the lemonade stand and the Beanie Baby palace (which was just our swing set but whatever). Kids did, and still do, amazing things every single day and through social media we have the ability to spread those ideas and make them known to the entire world.

Caine’s Arcade became famous through Reddit and Facebook. An entire community came out to support this little boy’s idea and his ingenuity and it brought an entire neighborhood together. A scholarship fund has been set up for Caine and all donations are being matched by the foundation. Donate or check out the website here.

The movie sparked a movement that led to the founding of the Imagination Foundation. Their goals focus on creating a community the values creativity as much as any other skill and instilling a sense of ‘social entrepreneurship’ into kids from a young age.

So the next time you see a kid do something amazing, foster it, encourage them, don’t limit them, and spread the word.



  1. I remember hearing about that kid a while back. I think it’s pretty neat that we can use the internet to encourage kids to be creative and have goals. I think a lot of creative projects that kids have are kind of ignored and patronized.

  2. I enjoy this blog post because you’ve made it clear that Literary Citizenship is not just limited to the national writing community. It’s a concept that can spread into any sort of art form. Caine’s arcade is also an excellent example of talented individuals receiving the exposure they deserve.

  3. I definitely agree that being part of the generation that knows how to use social media is a fantastic thing. You are absolutely right in the fact that Literary Citizenship is just a type of the amazing sharing we can do that we weren’t able to when we were his age. I am on Reddit and Twitter every single day and passing on the great things that people are doing is a small act that resonates in a huge way. Your post is awesome because it teaches that lesson and you also showed up Caine’s arcade which I’d never heard of before!

  4. I really like that you extend the concept of literary citizenship to all forms of art. You really highlight the key goal of literary citizenship which is helping out fellow artists and being informed. Part of being a citizen is finding hidden gems like this young artist. Great post!

  5. I love seeing things like this. It shows that even kids can do so much and they understand so much. I always love when the children around me come up with ideas, and I probably get just as excited as them. Community is community, and I love when children are apart of them.

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