Be a Lit Citizen: Donate books, drink beer, and be merry!

Indiana will soon have twelve more breweries to boast of in 2014. The Indy Star recently did a quick survey of some of the new businesses which you can glance at here. But one of these breweries (number 2 on the list) has an interesting twist that caught my attention.

Books and Brews can be found at their website, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Books and Brews

Books and Brews, located near 96th and Hauge Rd Indianapolis, began as an idea for a bookstore and then added on the brewery as a way to attract more customers. They will feature live music, readings, beer tasting, a mug club, and more! The shop hopes to open this month (February 2014) and has done a fantastic job of keeping anxious would-be patrons updated with their progress.

This business is practicing a great model of literary citizenship. They’ve exposed all of their process and they’ve invited their future customers to take an interest in what they’re doing to get things going. Their Facebook page has various videos and photos of their on going construction, book donations, new employees, and so on. It’s made me ever more excited for when it opens.

One of my favorite things about this business is how they plan on acquiring their books. People can donate books to them or you can trade in books towards a delicious mug of their craft beer. So if you want to help promote the literary citizen acts we’ve been talking about lately on the LitCitizen Twitter, you could buy some of your favorite books and donate them.

Check on their website or social media sites for more info about their grand opening! Also they are looking for some new employees…


  1. What an idea. Of COURSE this will bring people in! What better idea to promote books than saddle them up with some alcohol? This is a great way to promote literary citizenship–as well as being social! I really like that it has a dual purpose instead of just being another brewery. It’s a smart move.

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